Korea adventure – day #2: some university facilities


Orientation day was on Monday July 2nd and for me, unquestionably, was interesting. The Office of International Affairs at Ajou University (AISS, photo below) has put a considerable effort into organising this summer school. Below is the photo of AISS team.


At the time of the speeches I was touched by the following facts:

  • How Korea has transformed itself in a short period of time (more on this later)
  • AISS goal to have personalized attention (100% accurate!)
  • AISS goal to support learning, networking and an unforgettable summer together

AISS is looking forward to support the tomorrow leaders. All this increases the honour that I have to teach in this summer school!

The building where we had our orientation session, Jonghap Hall, besides to be pleasant, it has a new furniture system for me. Pay attention to the photos below:


korea_post02_04The chairs are secure to the floor, and you can only pull them backwards, as due to springs the chairs are pushed forward automatically. New system for me.

Today I had my first korean food in Korea. The photo was taken once we all have our serving and it was delicious!

korea_post02_02 korea_post02B_1 korea_post02B_2 korea_post02B_3Also we tour the University Campus, and in this post I want to stress particularly on the Ajou University Hospital.

Today has been raining and before getting into the hospital those who have umbrellas should wrap them with plastic bags. In the next photo a student is placing the umbrella inside a device and then pull it so that the umbrella is wrapped with plastic. There are two sizes as umbrellas, concequently the device handles both: small or large umbrellas.


Next photo you can see the student’s umbrella perfectly wrap. No dropping water from umbrellas inside the building!


It was interesting to notice that the student who was giving us the tour got surprised that all of us, international guests, were amazed with the this new umbrella system for our eyes.

There are more new things for me in here. In this hospital patients can shop! There are stores, as if  it is a small mall at the underground level of the hospital.  In the following photo, which unfortunately is blurry, one can even find a Burger King (in the photo is the store on the far left with the sign in red).


The following photos are at the lobby of the hospital. There is  a cafeteria and you can see patients with their serum walking around. I try to highlight that with a read circle in these blurry photos.


On the right is the “front” desk or informs.


Outside the hospital are considerable amount of wheelchairs. What a contrast with other locations where infrastructure is lacking, as I remember on some of my previous  hospital adventures.


Summarising, the facilities of the hospital are impressive.


And no all is digital! 😉 but still impressive.


One cannot read the next photo, but it was taken to illustrate the different facilities inside the hospital building, including restaurants.


Inside the campus all have a name, and that is how one offer directions.



More tomorrow….

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