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Week 4, 2012
Joensuu, Finland

Oh, my playful me! As much as I enjoy learning, traveling, discovering, being in the nature,….  I also like amusement parks. 🙂 Actually, I should write a post of my last trip to Disney, even if it was some years ago. It was AWESOME! I traveled with my mom (only she and I), I got an overdose of Mickey Mouse while I was having a great time 😉 I played all what I could play! and my mom was my accomplice in the whole thing! So cool!  🙂

However, this post aims to add publicly two destinations into my wishing list of amusement parks that I would like to visit.  I foresee that sooner than later I will be visiting Korea.

The first park is the 4D Life Park, which it  utilizes – apparently – creatively the digital technology. Playing with light and sound is something SO appealing for me, interactivity, images, all those special effects…. (thanks Teemu for the info!)   Yes, a place I want to experience! .  Second, and because I would be already visiting Korea, I should drop by Robotland.

It feels as if future is meeting our present, strange!

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