search engine just of images with no words

Today, I have face myself with a known personal problem: “Words”

Well it is not my strong side at all, even though some people would say I can talk a lot. But the words, and/or writing properly is not my gift, even though I love to read. Anyway, today I was looking for a game that I played a lot as a teenager. And I search for this game, in this virtual world full of information (our internet) for some time. First with the name I remember of it, but nothing. Then, I try different combinations, descriptions, and so on, and nothing.

Suddenly I though, it will be so nice that I can make a diagram of it and search for it, there is no way I could miss it, it is SO simple. As a “natural” consequence I would be able to have a search of it just putting the picture and said look for similar, and I bet, the probabilities to find it would increase.

I know there is people working with this image databases, but I realized in this “fantasy” moment, that ALWAYS you have to put a word to get an image, or select a word of a menu list, but mainly always is a word involved in the topic. I haven’t seen an image database, still, in which the query is an image as well. At least no starting from zero. I think I had seen for the second round search, the possibility to click in a line which says: looking for similar, but no so sure. Or do you know of any Database of that type?

Now, I have no idea if that sounds silly, but today I felt I require it. I have no idea if that makes sense, but it would be interesting to express ourselves with drawings as well. At the end besides text the internet is full of icons, images, pictures and others graphical elements. In fact thinking further it might even help to those who do not know how to read and write (even though read and write is quite useful) or don’t have the common language, but they can communicate by dragging and dropping images, then each one can look later on what is the meaning of that image in their own language…. anyway, it might not have sense what I am saying, but today I got craving to have access to one of those “fantasy” applications.

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