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iPad only displays white screen

Week 26
Joensuu, Finland

My lovely iPad started to get VERY slow. Which one think was completely normal taking into account only two factors: (1) I had a lot of tabs open and (2) it might be getting in age. My iPad I got it on my defense back in 2012. It is an iPad2 model A1395. No so young, but special for me.

Anyway, I decided to turn it off and on…. but SURPRISE!!!!

It did turn off, but in return it only display a white screen.


As a good QA person, which at the moment ‘I am, (my laptop named Sr passed away, recently I my last kindle was damaged, so, the idea to lose my iPad too, was not particularly exciting).

Then, searching in the internet hive of information, I found this video:

Voilà, it came alive again! 🙂

My “old” iPad keeps working as new !!!