learning week

week 7 of 2011
Joensuu, Finland

In other times I would say the week was busy, but actually all weeks are busy in different ways. In this week, my surroundings where at charge to teach me a lot of things  😉  As a summary:

  1. Manzanita’s graphic card pass away (manzanita = my mac).  But with Mikko we opened it and I can say I have seen a Mac inside. Mikko saved my data!!!!! 🙂 The future of manzanita still is uncertain.
  2. In-depth week work with Christian. He came for one week visit, with the aim to help us to grow. Oh man! he really helped me to understand different angles of my research I have not think about first. Thank you! Here some memories of his trip.
  3. On Wednesday I joined Mikko to the first workshop of the LieksaMyst’s editor. I enjoy how people is creative!!! and I also notice that my questionnaires are not the only LONG ones 😉
  4. On Thursday we I was invited to meet some Monzambique visitors to my Prof. house, between the surprises is that I found Erkki was here (for some days), and I really connect with the guests.  I hope we can do some stuff together in the future. One of our guests, has been living in Mexico, that was a connecting point, I admit! 🙂
  5. On Friday a full day work at the Museum of Technology in Helsinki. I have write about this last September but I haven’t post it still.  I should. I will do it soon. But I always learn with them 🙂
  6. I submitted for publication the paper “Designing Hypercontextualized Games: a Case Study with LieksaMyst”    YES!!!!!!! When I know the the  bibliographic reference I will post it 🙂
  7. I received the good news from  STELLAR

Result: still digesting the week 🙂 and preparing for the consequences of such a busy week too. And guess what? Yes, I am still writing….

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