about this blog: reviewing basics

week 52 of 2010
from Distrito Federal, Mexico

Once upon a time my research group suggested me to have a blog. My memories registered that the purpose of the invitation was to share between us. It made sense to me, but what to share and how to share it was blurry. I was following already some blogs (e.g. Frans Mäyrä, Henry Jenkins), and I never had a blog of my own, but there is always a first time, then I started my blog.

Consequently I started blogging without a virtual identity. I was mainly exploring and experimenting…. I had no idea of what I could, I want, I should do with the blog, which one will be its purpose and meaning, how to handle it, for whom…. Clear examples of my blog’s blurry beginning are my posts from 2006 to early 2009.

In late 2009 my posts started to have a clearer purpose and audience: to share my experiences with individuals who have similar challenges and interests than mine. As a result, some of my latest posts have supported me explicitly while talking with others.  My posts are outcomes of my learning journey. Each post is a mini-informal article where I write some sort of analysis or reflection, ideally with references and some writing effort.

Thus, an evident fact emerged while starting to have a virtual personality and purpose: my blog requires time, discipline and a concept if I want to make it useful.  Puff! it is not easy, sounds as a commitment!  but I know it will be useful, then here I go! 🙂

Resuming, the renewal basics of  “what am I doing” blog:


  • Individuals who identify with my interests (e.g. discovering, enjoying, learning, games, technology, life) and challenges (e.g. be a researcher, thinking, writing).
  • Family and friends who want to follow what and where I am.


  • Support me to learn while writing my blog
  • Support the blog’s readers (including me) to get something while reading it.


  • Writing mini-informal articles with some sort of analysis, reflection of my interests and challenges, ideally with references and some writing effort.


  • I attempt to have minimum a weekly post (it happens a lot in a week!)

Today I understand that my blog will always be _work_under_construction_ but, life and internet are always under construction  😉

how to blog?

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