use of technology and creativity – section introduction

Without a doubt my blog deserves this section of “use of technology and creativity”, but let me put it in perspective first, as I do not refer to using it only for using it.

From my perspective, we construct our reality; therefore we constantly are interpreting meaning and motives of all what each one of us do.  In this process of creating meaning, our society and culture occupies a significant role. In research terms, my way of thinking and analyze phenomena is subscribed to a social constructivist paradigm, and most of my reflections are sustained on  Vygostky’s Activity Theory.

Besides the “theory” behind my way of thinking, I am also a believer of the strong relationships of the use of the technology and creativity with the specific location and situation due to what I  had seen and experience in my volunteer_nomadic_life. It is not surprising to see the  “same” artifact, but they turn only meaningful and understandable when you immerse yourself in that specific world in which they are used.

Anyway, this section /category is going to be enjoyable at least for me 😉


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