Introduction – el inicio

ok, finally here I am 🙂 . This one, will be my blog with research purposes. Yeap, I am persuading to be a researcher. Which as a child, I wouldn’t have accepted the possibility that I could get interested into research. As an small girl, when my father used to tell me “Ciro Peraloca” I always had replayed him: No way!!!!. But my perspective has changed, and it seems it really fits me, because I am enjoying doing this. Then, Dad seemed to be right.

Now, The first logical question will be to ask, what I am researching?! And this question is the first subquestion under what am I doing?. Well, just as a small introduction, I am researching on video games. My interest is on electronic, educational, immersive, etc. games, but for this specific “cooking recipe ” some of the important ingredients that I want to put an extra emphasis, or to work together in the development of my project are: involved actual no players (as older generations), involved people that hasn´t succeed in our actual western world educational system (drop outs), looking for the support between them. That the result after this leisure digital entertainment experience can help them, or it can be useful for them, beyond the enjoy moment, into their real life, in concordance with their context, nature, values, etc. All these in conjunction with the possibilities that digital technology offers to us (as mobil, multi-platform applications, etc )….

Oh yeah! now you can observed, that it is quite often that I ask to myself: “what am I doing?” BUT it is part of the fun, to put all this puzzle together, and things are getting there 🙂

Right now I am working with the concrete picture of the whole….. And I apply and thank you in advance for any comment you can offer.


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