getting serious at work chapter II – sharing

TEL PhD SS tough me several things. Thinking carefully, perhaps now I am ready to listen and understand some  messages that earlier I couldn’t understand.


Sharing is one of the main things I understood lately.


Each time I was asked about the references of papers, books, links, projects, ideas, etc. that I have read or related to,  I had this impotence feeling: full & empty at the same time.  I remember in one of our PhD days some time ago, when Andrés mentioned about delicious, and I didn’t understand what he meant with it at the time. But things change in life…


Now I understand and trying to improve. Little by little, it is not a simple change as it requires effort and TIME. But at least now I see how relevant this is. Otherwise, why are we doing research? if it is not to share knowledge among all?


And today “photo” is actually a presentation from Cristina Costa. It is about how to “build” a “profile”, I think for anyone working in ICT, this is something to think about, at least once. And in some way it is related to sharing.

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