2016:01 – January’s review

Week 5
Joensuu, Finland

Since 2001 we,  Kai and I,  create a motto for the starting year.  Usually this motto is related to our current present and dreams. This year’s motto is: Discipline to Focus.

2016 motto’s is really a NEED to achieve for myself. Thus, in this year I am actively monitoring how I am getting DISCIPLINE. It is CHALLENGING for me!!! but let’s do it!

Also, in this 2016 I start to follow the youtube channel of Santiago Zavala. I got the recommendation to see this channel from Jorge Zavala, who I met at the  Red Global meeting last October. It turns out that yesterday Santiago also stressed on reviewing the month’s goals.

Honestly, my personal process is not as structured yet to have clear monthly goals. No idea if it will reach that level of structure one day. Nevertheless, I do have a “wishing list” or “dreams”, and within my control chaos eventually everything will be processed as monthly goals. Lets be honest, to organize my natural chaos requires a conscientious effort, and simultaneously I want to keep being myself. I do not want to get that disconnected as when I finalize my PhD.  So, one step at the time.

So, what happen in January:

– I start new habits, e.g. cleaning up. Look my work computer, first time EVER is that clean!!! (note for the files: only exception of this level of cleanness is when a computer is new)



– At the moment what it needs a HUGE lift is my efficiency. I am using toggl to track my time. (note for the files: toggl is a recommended tool to use)  It is important to know:  how do I invest my time? Because one thing is to have a “feeling” or “believe” about how one uses one’s time, and other completely different how the time is used.

So in January I recorded that I worked: 146 hrs. That is OK!

But the efficiency of those hours are in doubt. This is a clear goal of improvement in February.

January's time

At the moment it feels back as being at PhD student.

To grow up is PAINFUL!