Korea adventure – day #16 & 30: Korean movie night

Week 31
Suwon, Korea

Oh my!
Oh my!

I am very delayed on my postings.
Time passes so QUICKLY!
After this attempt to blog my time in Korea, I stress my respect for those who blog daily. It is NOT an easy task. Anyway, let’s start to catch up somehow.

One of the main activities that took most of my time while I have been in here is polishing my lectures, lecturing and grading. I post about this main activity will come, as I am very proud of my students. Other pursuit in this time has been to catch up with some writing, in which as we know I am “slow” but advancing 🙂 Thus, most of the korean events reported in here, are mainly the social-discovery happenings.

During the summer school we have two movie nights at the video conference room of the Yulgok Hall. In each one of the movie sessions we were so spoiled with snacks and drinks.

snacks and beverage for the movie

snacks and beverage for the movie

sitting arrangement

sitting arrangement

The movie on July 16th : The thieves.

This film is good! Now that I am exposed a little bit to the region, I think I enjoy the movie even more.  It is an action movie and the story has interesting twists.  Here the trailer to make you craving:

The movie on July 30th :  The Berlin File

This movie has a complex however interesting storyline. However if one does not follow carefully what is happening one can get lost easily. On the other hand if you follow the storyline, the movie is keeps you constantly wondering. It is also an action movie with a lot of shooting. Yeap, this film confirms that I did not  born to be a double agent!  Here trailer:

Watch out for Korean films because they are good!

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