it matters what you discover

Week 6, 2012
Joensuu, Finland

Preparing a lecture is actually challenging.  For me, the defiance is also personal because I enjoy to learn and I often dislike to be sitting in a lecture room.

On Monday night, a friend of mine,  Alia,  post a link to Noam Chomsky interview:  The purpose of Education.  Often I discover something when I listening to Chomsky, and this talk is not an exception. One of the multiple things that call my attention in this talk is: the idea of education that promotes enlightenment. My own path as a learner has been a bumping process of searching, exploring, trying and reflecting.  I am also in congruence that the technology is neutral.  Oh well, better listen to the talk.

From the last comments Chomsky mention an anecdote that help me to harmonize myself on how to prepare the courses: “what it matters is what YOU discover”

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