are we making the correct question?

A common question I hear is: why games are immersive?.  If there is an answer, I believe it is not a simple one.  Some game researchers respond to the previously stated question of immersion with the flow phenomena that is reported the players experience while playing.

However, I consider the question we should be asking ourselves is: why real life is not immersive?
Yes, newspapers offer a clear answer why real-life is not as appealing 🙁

But let’s be honest, when Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi researched the flow phenomena, he did not research games or players. Csikszentmihalyi’s research was based on individuals who are passionate doing what they like in their real life.

Perhaps because I live my life intense and I am playful in it,  undoubtedly it is  immersive 🙂   But I also know what is to avoid something, trying to be immersed elsewhere…. So, I wonder, are we making the proper question?

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