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Week 46
Joensuu, Finland

This post was mainly written after I met Peter Harrington at the vs-games conference. I admit that time pass by FASTER than my ability to accomplish the things I want to finalise during my 24hrs of life that I have each day. Nevertheless, I keep on crossing out items on my constant growing TO DO list. Slowly but surely. 🙂

I met Peter because he sat on a strategic spot, according to my opinion, at the social event of vs-games.  Later, I was fortunate to share the dinner table with him and have a quality conversation!   Peter is the director of SimVenture. He is an entrepreneur himself, with decades of experience. So, I was eagerly hearing all what he was sharing to me, and being honest. I was also asking and talking (part of my nature 🙂 ) . It was an enlightening evening!

The advices I listen often from people with life experience, as Peter or Christian, are full of common sense: focus, build trust, establish discipline.  These three characteristics that entrepreneurs should acquire, and imho, could apply equally  to individuals in research and academia.

Now I can play SimVenture and publish this post. The simulation is a bit challenging I must say, but so the real life stuff.

To published this post took me  longer than expected  because I wanted to play the game before posting.  At the moment SimVenture is for windows machines. Hence, before to make the necessary arrangements to run the game on a MacBook I decide to update my machine. Ohhhhh! that was a WRONG decision.  Apple Inc. is not making my life easier……

playing SimVenture

playing SimVenture

next I will write about my frustrations generated by Apple Inc.