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treasure hunting…

when did treasure hunting start to be an interesting activity for human beings? Formally talking I have no idea, but without a doubt is a very old activity.  I “goggle” for the the history of treasure hunting, but it seems the task requires more time than the one I have for it.

Today I played a high-tech version of treasure hunting, by using the sophisticated system of GPS.

The game is called geocatching.

 It was fun and good exercise!  Perfect activity for a beautiful spring day. And my first impression of what I liked the most of the game is: the creativity of the players. I just can say: WOWOWOW!!!

Without a doubt to “fully” understand some games, one has to play them.  A game experience is not easy to grasp only by reading them, in my humble opinion one has to live them to make proper empathy. This game is not an exception. Still I am a newbie in here, and I will be back for more geocatching adventures. In addition it seems the community of this game is also something to discover.

Thank you very much Anna to invite me to play! And to Tomas, as well thank you for guiding us as new comers!

searching, searching, searching.... where can it be?

searching, searching, searching.... where can it be?



Today’s geocatching log:  we found 5 traditional cache and one multicache